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Professional Hair Transplantation



At icefue team, our specialists are our greatest assets. Successful hair transplants require knowledge experience and talent. As part of a certified full service hospital, we know that the search for the right talent is a long, ongoing process. We have hand-picked our hair transplantation team to give our patients peace of mind before and during the procedure, and the best hair transplantation results for a long time to come.

Our leading doctors are medical school graduates with years of training alongside top specialists. Every procedure is headed by a surgeon experienced in ICE FUE hair transplantation. This specialist takes an active, hands-on role in every transplant – including crucial phases like graft extraction and replantation. This way, our team has successfully completed over a 1000 procedures during the last 15 years, giving us a great deal of experience in traditional hair restoration, as well as beard and eyebrow transplants. Our specialists also have a unique edge when it comes to hair transplantation for women.

Every transplant is a joint effort by an extended team, so our experience requirements are extended to every one of our employees. Members of the hair restoration team are experienced at their particular function, whether they administer anaesthesia or separate and preserve hair grafts.

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[cs_pricing_table][cs_pricing_column title=”ALTERNATIVE PACKAGE” price=”2500″ currency=”€”]ICE FUE TECHNIC~Nape Purchase~4200 Graft~Stay 2 Nights~Airport Pick-up~Test and Drugs~Stay in the Hospital After Application~PRP-Therapy[/cs_pricing_column][cs_pricing_column color=”blue” title=”BIG PACKAGE” price=”3000″ currency=”€”]ICE FUE TECHNIC~Chest, neck and beard Purchase~4200 Graft~Stay 2 Nights~Airport Pick-up~Test and Drugs~Stay in the Hospital After Application~PRP-Therapy[/cs_pricing_column][/cs_pricing_table]


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