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Hairtransplant Istanbul ICEFUE technology is a groundbreaking technology in the hair October sector. Fill out the form below for all-natural and efficient hair October procedures, and we will return to you immediately during the day.

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In the new ICE FUE promotional film, Eshilcham’s unforgettable actor Coşkun Göğen was with us. A sequel to our promotional film, shot in a series, will come. Don’t forget to follow our Youtube channel. Our promotional film was shot in Antalya. Elements shown in the promotional film were used with permission from their owners.

Why Hairtransplant Istanbul

Natural and efficient hair transplantation for the first time in the World October

In the ICE FUE hair transplantation method, your hair follicles taken from the nape area do not lose their efficiency while waiting for the planting order. On the contrary, it is shocked in a specially developed device and the roots are more efficient. Because your shocked hair follicles are fed from your fat and blood cells, they are much stronger and more efficient. ICE FUE hair transplantation method you can call us to find out the details and ask your questions to the 24/7 open question line.

Technology Starting From Istanbul And Spreading Around The World

ICE FUE hair transplantation technology was first tested and applied by us in Istanbul and obtained a very successful result. The received results as a result of FUE hair transplant technology ICE hair transplant on her success in the industry she moved to Antalya, and afterwards has spread all over the world.


Hair loss is not a condition that occurs when your hair begins to noticeably decrease. The vast majority of people lose 50-150 strands of hair per day, and this shed hair is renewed in a natural cycle.

If this hair does not regenerate, it leads to baldness over time, and this hair loss happens very quickly.


Apart from the genetic transmission; hormone levels, various health problems, humidity, sunlight, eating habits, stress, accidents and age as well as baldness

the reasons are. CURRENTLY, 52% OF WOMEN LOSE THEIR HAIR AFTER CHILDBIRTH. As the biggest reason for this, a decrease in the level of the hormone progesterone in the mother’s body can be shown.


People now want to lead a presentable life, which leads to psychological problems.

In the last 30 years, hair transplantation techniques have been expanded, studies have been made based only on naturalness and they continue to be developed. It becomes impossible to understand that patients have a hair transplant with the techniques used today. ICE FUE family we are working to present your requests to you at all stages from the moment you consult us. We strive with all our expert staff to achieve the desired and expected natural appearance.


Ice Fue hair transplantation technique has been developed by specialist physicians from different cities with years of studies. Our patented studies have shown positive effects on patients.

Before Transplant

During the examination before the procedure, the number of grafts to be planted is determined. The hairline is drawn following the patient’s request and the recommendations of our doctors, and the patient is informed about the procedure.

Transplant Time

Our professional team starts the process by applying local anaesthesia in sterile operating rooms. Thanks to local anaesthesia, the patient does not feel pain during and after the procedure. With micromotor tips of 0.5-0.7 mm, hair roots from the donor area are taken one by one, ensuring homogeneity. In the Ice Fue hair transplantation method, the hair follicles taken are stored in a special solution by being shocked until the transplantation process. In this way, the roots do not lose yield during the waiting period, but rather become more efficient thanks to solution shock. The hair follicles that gain efficiency are planted one by one with the sowing pen to provide a natural appearance to the determined area. After the operation, which lasts for 6-8 hours, no incision is formed in the treated area, the small abrasions that occur are closed in 2-3 days and there is no scar.

After a Transplant

Our team informs the patient about the care that needs to be performed after the procedure. Planted roots begin to grow in the 3rd month, 50% yield in the 6th month increases to 90% in the 9th month. After 1 year, the targeted result is achieved by obtaining 97% efficiency.

Our Services


The most professional hair implant method using in the world. While grafts are waiting transplantation time they will never lose productivity.


First time in the World beard plant with ICE FUE technique.You will never loss your naturalness.


It is not a dream to get the eyebrows you wantSee the resolt at a glance,with ICE FUE techique.


PRP therapy is a miracle in modern medicine! Get information about PRP from our specialists.ICE FUE PRP

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2016 Number 48537 Ice-Fue Hair Transplantation method was approved and registered in the Turkish Patent Institute on 03.01.2017.

The Ice-Fue hair transplantation method in question belongs to the Ice-Fue Hair Transplantation Center; any copying or illegal use is illegal and covers the right of legal claimant.

ICEFUE is an Okaaesthetic Brand.

Why Hairtransplant Istanbul?

We provide precise and personalized service with our experience, strong team and ICE FUE hair October technology. Our personalized service brings customer satisfaction up to %95

People who consult us to get information before getting a hair transplant service can eliminate their question marks about hair transplants thanks to the information they receive. Unlike traditional hair transplant methods, Hairtranslant Istanbul, self-developed ICE FUE hair transplant technology offers. ICE FUE is our own patented hair October technology.

We always offer a safe and sterile environment. The sterility of the areas where we provide hair transplantation service is extremely important for both our guests and our doctors who perform the procedure.

Experience, confidence, strong team and patented ICE FUE technology… are reasons enough for you to choose us.

Are necessary measures being taken against COVID 19?

Of course! This is extremely important for both our guests and our hair transplant doctors. Hair transplantation should always be done in a sterile and safe environment. The smallest error that can be made can cause infection. For this reason, we always take all precautions against Covid 19 both during pre-examination and during the procedure.

You can call us for more detailed information.

What Is Hairtransplant Istanbul Fees?

Our service offered with ICE FUE hair transplantation technology differs from person to person. Just as each individual is different, each hair type and each head type differ. For this reason, we would like to invite you to be a free pre-examination for the most accurate price information.

Hairtransplantation Antalya fees include all hair October services that you will receive. Accommodation and transfer services, which will be shaped according to the demands of our guests, can also be included in these fees. Our biggest wish is that our guests who choose us for hair transplantation can continue their daily routine comfortably after the procedure.

SectionHow can I contact Hairtransplant Istanbul?

If you have read all the information and studied our ICE FUE technology, you can now contact us.  You can call our Whatsapp line: +90 541 968 99 07 or you can send us an email at any time using the contact form on our web page.

If you still have any questions, you can call us without hesitation.